Iranian Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeons Network

: Mission

Developing advanced laparoscopic surgery in Iran specializing in obesity procedures

Establishing a community Network to identify active laparoscopic and obesity surgeons

Discussion and exchanging knowledge & ideas

Creating a platform for virtual meeting; i.e E-learning, video conferencing, etc

Information renewal on professional and individual interest

Informing the members of the status on research and educational opportunities

Creating an information platform in order to make teaching and learning a gaining experience, 

       skills and surgical techniques in the shortest possible time    

Rapid dissemination and exchange of experiences and comment on the surgical complications

       with members    

 : Vision

To increase individual and group ability

To improve the quality of treatment

To perform advanced laparoscopy procedures all over Iran

To reduce surgical complications

Establishing a reliable scientific reference on advanced laparoscopy and obesity procedures




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